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Learn how to find clarity, purpose, and community that will support you in achieving the success you deserve with out the up and down cycles that lead to burnout and exhaustion.

This guide helps you to get centered on your priorities, what you need to find success, and how to get the support you deserve that will help you elevate your life and your business.

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  • How to prioritize what is truly important to you and leave behind the expectations that others set for you.
  • How to Uncover the Support Systems that work WITH you.
  • What your Strengths are, and how to plan for areas of imporvement so that nothing can hold you back.
  • How to set for success... Goal setting is just target practice, Success Setting is the process of ensuring that you are successful every time.
  • How to turn those around you into your number one advocates (other than you.)

Hi, my name is Stephanie Kunkel, Founder of Perspective Shifting. I'm so excited to watch you elevate.

In 2011 I was a new mom, a business owner, and a wife who thought the world, my business, and my kids would be better off with out me. My success was always fleeting and I would cycle from periods of complete exhaustion and failure to doing more, being more, and giving more in the hopes that it would fix it all. I would do it all until I'd find myself completely depleted again. I was without direction, without purpose, and felt like I was constantly being punished.

Then I uncovered the steps to success setting and now I get to provide a community of friends and champions who support each other in elevating their lives and businesses to new levels that they'd never even dreamed of. I am excited to see what you do with this guide, and I invite you to reach out and join our community of other entrepreneurs who are lifting others and themselves to new heights.

Stephanie Kunkel


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